My COVID Response

Developed in March 2020, the My COVID Response application has helped the COVID Response Network of Oakland County meet over 80,000 COVID-19 related aid requests in the community. Over 120 organizations have been able to collaborate together to ensure efficient aid delivery to community members. The application has helped raise well over $3 million cumulatively for its various partner organizations and serves as a guidepost for future collaborative partnership in Oakland County, Michigan.

our services

Application Development

We develop custom applications from the ground up using industry best practices, extraordinary communication, and a diverse group of developers, both staffed and volunteer, with a wide array of experience.


We build customized scripts, middleware, and AI that aid community-based organizations leverage their current systems to take advantage of existing technologies and collaborative community tools.

Technological Consultation

We bring together community members, local experts, and accessible data to guide the development and integration of tools that serve the members of the community in ways that previously seemed impossible.

Web and UI Design

We understand how important front-end development is to the human service world, so we offer full design services for new and current websites as well as administrative systems.

Data Analysis

We have a team of data experts who can develop customized reports, discover key insights, and help your organization use the data you already have to tell compelling stories and make courageous decisions.

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